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Volunteer Opportunities

We are always on the hunt for our next great volunteer. Our event would not happen if it wasn’t for many great volunteers and their commitment to making our event special. This event takes a year of work and planning by the committee, and to execute it with grace, we need people like YOU who can help us with your time, your creative talents, and your volunteerism. 

If you are able to assist in our event, please view and sign up for our volunteer options by clicking the button below.

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Why Volunteer?

The primary goal of Festival of Trees is to have a festive and fun event to get the name and services provided by Dakota Hope Clinic out into the community, so they know we are here when the need arises.  From set-up Tuesday through Thursday, or for the actual event on Friday and Saturday. Volunteers are needed for a couple hours, half a day, or multiple times in a day, there is a place you can help! 

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